Saturday, September 1, 2007


Wow... it's been a while since i've been able to post on here. Sorry guys!

Last month was absolutely crazy. I guess I should start by saying i'm now living in Branson, MO and i'll be here till next August. I'm participating in a program called LeadTime, which is a division of Doulos Ministries. Doulos ministries is comprised of Shelterwood and LeadTime. Shelterwood is a teen residential care facility which houses teens with varying issues. Through the program, the teens live in a setting with other teens and are mentored and counseled regularly. LeadTime is a program which trains post college age men and women to be servant leaders. We are also discipled regularly and live in residence with the teens in the shelterwood program while serving as their "big brothers/sisters." We also take classes full time to develop our ministry and enhance our personal relationships with the Lord. The classes cover topics such as the Life of Christ, The life of Paul, Spiritual Disciplines, and Personal Discovery. I would love for everyone who sees this to take a few minutes and check out the website:

I've been here since August 15th and i'm absolutely loving it. I was very overwhelmed and somewhat homesick in the beginning but the longer i'm here the more confident I get that this is exactly where the Lord would have me to be for this year. The girls in the shelterwood program are amazing and i'm so thankful to have the opportunity to live with them and minister to them throughout this year.

I'm going to do my best to post weekly and keep everyone updated on what is happening here at Doulos throughout the year and I would greatly appreciate the prayers of anyone who happens to stumble across my posts. Please pray that God will give me the wisdom and strength to minister to these young ladies in the way he would have me to and pray for each of the girls in the shelterwood program as they uncover and deal with whatever issues they are facing. I'm also continuing to raise financial support throughout the year so please pray that God will continue to provide as he so lovingly has so far. Thanks and God Bless!

In Him,